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At All Star Minerals we are committed to going beyond compliance, aiming to be a leader within our sector, creating a tangible business case for sustainability and acting as a responsible ‘citizen’ in society. This involves understanding the needs of, and actively working to add value to our stakeholders, specifically our people, local communities, host nations, environment and the broader diamond and gemstone industry.

By embedding sustainability, environmental consciousness, stakeholder engagement, community support, equality and diversity into our core values, integrating stakeholder needs with our own goals and aligning them with our long term strategic objectives, we aim to achieve the highest level of ethics and sustainability.

For us, this involves more than just satisfying regulatory requirements and minimising adverse impacts, it is about exceeding expectations, working to build and develop lasting positive impacts and setting benchmark standards within the industry to force undeniable and irreversible change for the better.


This requires the development of a conducive company culture and corporate governance framework founded on honesty, openness, integrity and accountability, alongside a broader commitment to work with investment partners, individuals and companies throughout our supply chain to ensure they remain responsible and transparent.


Delivering on these commitments will position us amongst industry leaders in regards to ethical and sustainable diamond and gemstone production and supply. 


As part of our asset assessment and due diligence process we conduct extensive social, economic and environmental research to establish the precise state of affairs pre-investment.


This allows us to set measurable and achievable goals which can be integrated into our long term strategy and considered in each and every business decision, across all departments, to guarantee their achievement.


With this approach we ensure that our projects have a clear sustainable and ethical direction, that our impacts are measurable and manageable, and that we remain accountable for our actions. We call this responsible gemstone production. 


Whilst we remain in the early stages of asset identification, our long term goal is to become recognised by notable international institutions for our commitments and achievements, and to set a clear standard within the industry.


The safety, wellbeing and satisfaction of our workforce is paramount. We therefore commit to operating the highest levels of health and safety, to ensure our people are free from harm, and aim to promote a corporate culture based on sound ethical values and behaviours.


We will work to achieve a diverse workforce that is committed to operating open communication. This is driven by the belief that both efficiency and employee satisfaction are significantly improved by cultural diversity and by having every brain in the game. We acknowledge the value that every individual can offer and know that open communication is key to achieving continuous improvement. Accordingly, we feel that everyone should have the right - and responsibility - to voice their opinions and concerns. 


On top of this, we aim to improve employee wellbeing, develop community ties and build strong teams by providing recreational facilities within the workplace and running social events within local communities.


Finally, as part of our commitment to delivering long term positive impacts we look to deliver employee training and development programs to provide valuable skills with scope beyond our operations. 


We do all of this with the with intention of reinforcing new industry norms for diversity and employee wellbeing and safety.


Local communities form an integral part of all diamond and gemstone operations. We therefore look forward to working closely with local people, governments and regulatory bodies to ensure we remain compliant and more importantly considerate of local cultural norms, beliefs and values.


Our team is dedicated to upholding its track record of ethical conduct and will therefore work effortlessly to ensure that All Star Minerals is a responsible international citizen.


We aim to collaborate with local communities to add value to their livelihoods through investment into agriculture, education, and infrastructure.


Additionally, we intend to replicate our team's previous successes by running community events which promote local businesses and culture, and foster improved cohesion.


Finally, over and above our localised efforts, we aim to rectify the historical failings of the gemstone industry, namely exploitation, through targeted philanthropic activities and, more broadly, by setting a new standard of ethical conduct. We strongly believe that it is the industry's collective responsibility to rectify such failings and prevent future reoccurrences.


Whilst we remain realistic about the impacts of gemstone production on the environment, we are confident in our ability to minimise and mitigate negative impacts, and counter these with sustainability projects that have scope beyond the lifespan of our operations.


By undertaking extensive environmental research as part of our due diligence procedure we are able to set realistic environmental sustainability goals, monitor our impact and remain accountable and transparent.


Achieving these goals requires the integration of environmental consciousness into everyday management decisions and something which we call environmental foresight; that is, ensuring that our decisions and actions, despite potentially having some negative implications in the short term, are overwhelmingly positive over the long term.


As part of this, we look to work closely with conservation and environmental bodies to actively improve our surrounding environment and create awareness, both locally and internationally, of the importance of sustainability, particularly in the diamond and gemstone industry.


Finally, as with all of our sustainability commitments, we aim to set a benchmark within the industry. 


We strongly believe that transparency and traceability should not be luxuries, afforded only to the very few. Rather, they should be an unwritten law of the diamond and gemstone trade.


Accordingly, we look to build trustworthy, traceable, honest and open supply chains through the use of innovative strategies and pioneering technologies. With this we aim to improve consumer confidence, whilst at the same time driving consumer demand for traceable and transparent diamonds and coloured gemstones.


Over the longer term, we look reinforce this trend towards improved levels of and increased demand for transparency and traceability, with the aim of positioning them as equal in importance to the Four C's (Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut).


Whilst we appreciate that this remains ambitious, we believe it to be of great necessity as doing so will transfer the power to drive sustainable gemstone production and supply over to the consumer, thus rendering unsustainable organisations uncompetitive, forcing them to make undeniable, irreversible change for the better.