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With the Gemstone sector open to disruption and radical change, the Company’s business model is directed at creating shareholder value by identifying and investing in undeveloped or underdeveloped diamond, coloured diamond and gemstone assets and technologies internationally. Using our worldwide contacts and unrivalled operational expertise to grow these assets, typically in partnership with local partners. 


In line with this, the Directors are committed to identifying appropriate investment targets to leverage their investment objectives to maximum value. This strategy being applied only after the appropriate due diligence investigations have been completed and ASMO has used it best efforts to negotiate (in conjunction with their technical and professional advisers) the best possible deal on behalf of the Company and its shareholders. 



Projects and/or properties which are prospective for economically viable rough diamond production and where ASMO’s unique skill sets and investments can be put to maximum advantage


We do not plan on pursuing the all-too-common comprehensive vertical integration approach. Rather, our ‘mine and market’ strategy means we will focus on both ends of the value chain, representing the two most profitable segments:​


Our pioneering rough grading and select auction partner programme will offer the potential to change the face of the diamond and gemstone sectors, delivering a key tenet of our business model, that is, consistent supply of responsibly sourced product to our customers, carefully mined and/or produced at majority owned assets and graded according to our proprietary grading systems. ​​



This production and distribution platform will be complemented by determined marketing and promotional campaigns to further confidence in, and awareness of, our exciting and fast-growing sector, and could potentially be further enhanced by combining the opportunities presented by both diamonds and gems into a single lab grown coloured diamond Company.



In an effort to achieve these operational objectives, ASMO is currently focused on delivering the following functions. We firmly believe that with this approach, alongside our global contacts and superlative operational and industry specific expertise, we can deliver transformational change within the highly fragmented and antiquated diamond and coloured gemstone industry, to achieve concrete shareholder returns whilst championing innovation, sustainability and accountability. 


Our team has a proven track-record of being able to recognise and identify high quality diamond and gemstone producing assets, both directly and/or via our extensive global networks. The assets of focus are ones which offer the potential to become sufficiently large-scale operations to support longer term growth potential


We will look to invest the necessary financial and intellectual capital into key resources that offer the potential to deliver exponential growth. The investment costs will be strictly controlled throughout and directed at creating added value through the development of these assets into highly efficient and effective operations


While our initial involvement will be limited to the financial and intellectual capital investments, we would also look to support our investment partners in the safe and efficient development of their projects for sustainable long-term value creation. From investigation, through development and into production, we would look to constantly improve the quality of our portfolio of assets, all the while placing the upmost importance on safety, compliance, the environment, and sustainability.


 Our team members are widely recognised as being global leaders in the repositioning of diamonds and coloured gemstones as the luxury purchase of choice for the discerning consumer. Our marketing methodologies will be underpinned by the reliable supply of high quality, well graded, rough production to a carefully vetted customer base, and will be further leveraged by our team’s wide-spread marketing and PR networks. 


All Star Minerals believes in, and sees significant benefit to be gained from, being fully transparent about our dealings and partnerships. Full disclosure of information and transparency in our business process is a crucial factor in our success, and in the growth of the wider industry. Our operating ethics, and those of our investment partners, go beyond mere compliance as we look to set new standards within the sector